Infoproduct Business: Two Horrible Myths About Product Launches

In some circles, product launches are an overhyped and overused marketing strategy. I agree that there are some marketers who have taken this innocent, intelligent strategy and turned it into an occasion to hard sell and harass their potential customers. Trust me, I’ve seen it and I hate it too. Still, we should not abandon […]

Don’t Be Fooled by the Myths of Satellite TV

With all the information going around the internet it’s hard to decipher what’s true about Satellite TV. To be honest, the truth is eye opening. Here are some of the top myths about Satellite TV: Price of satellite is more expensive than cable. The facts are satellite TV offers the best value in pay TV. […]

Hair Loss of Women – Top Myths

It cannot be denied that the hair loss of women is receiving a lot of attention. Along with genuine expert resources out there is a host of information that may or may not be accurate. If you are a woman suffering from thinning hair, looking for reliable information may become frustrating. Here are some top […]

Top Myths About Losing Weight

Beware! If you search around on the Internet for information on weight loss, you will find lots of misinformation and myths. In this article, I will look at some common myths that you may have read about, and may believe. I hope that after reading this article you will start to think about what to […]

Top Myths on House Flipping

Many investors delve into the world of house flipping not just because of profitable margins but also because it is a very enjoyable endeavor. However, one must be careful before entering the realm because not all available information is true. Some are myths that may sound true because they are popularized. The next sections shall […]

5 Top Myths About Preventing Heart Disease

1) Statins abatement the accident of affection disease. The adverse accuracy about the complete aftereffect of cholesterol blurred drugs accepted as statins is that the acknowledgment depends aloft whose abstracts you believe. Your doctor is accepted to chase the upgraded guidelines for cholesterol appear by the American Affection Association and American College of Cardiology. The […]